Florals have been a growing trend for some time; and they’re here to stay. They make a bold statement and as such, working with florals can be quite the balancing act. Rest assured – you don’t need to be a design guru to make them work for you though. Some careful positioning and planning can see your home accentuated to its best potential with the effective introduction of floral upholstery.

Chintz Avoidance
In order to avoid the full-blown chintzy look, stick to one key element. Consider committing to a dominant colour or one type of flower but try not to overpower the room with every kind of floral.

Striking Focus
Create a striking focus by placing a floral armchair in a completely neutral room. An all white scheme looks fresh and contemporary with the addition of a single piece of furniture in a bold floral print.

Cushion Mish-Mash
Add interest to a neutral scheme by using multiple cushions in contrasting floral prints on your sofas and chairs. Not only is this a great way to update a room quickly and cheaply, but you can afford to have a mish-mash of different prints and colours which wont overpower the room.

First Time Florals
When working with florals for the first time it is better to choose just one floral element and let it dominate. Either curtains, carpeting or wallpaper but not all these things together. Pick out a colour from your floral piece and incorporate it into the room scheme to bring the whole look together.

Feature your Florals
Larger oversized florals can be very overpowering if they are on a large expanse of wall for example. Wallpaper one feature wall in your chosen floral and paint the remaining walls a complementary colour.

Create Harmony
Try not to mix scales, or styles. Large florals should not be used with delicate small florals; and graphic florals will not work with more painterly designs. Stick to one scale and style and it will be easier to create a harmonious look.

Some of the new fabrics available today offer contemporary floral designs which do not bring to mind the traditional floral look. These patterns are far removed from the floral designs of old and you can choose from bold monochromatic and graphic florals which do not look out of place in a modern room scheme. Have a look at our Lillium and Rossetti range for accent fabrics.