Past, present and future intertwine in the Natuzzi story, while the principles of passion, experience and attention to detail that make up its corporate DNA remain faithfully upheld.

These three values underpin the brand’s enduring culture of excellence, preserved in the hands of Natuzzi’s artisans and fully expressed in every piece of their exquisite collection.

To celebrate this precious heritage, Natuzzi in collaboration with Elle Decor hosted a special event yesterday at their flagship Madison Avenue store in New York. Head of the household and Brand Ambassador Pasquale Natuzzi Jnr. presented a real-time performance piece by Aldo Mati, the Natuzzi artisan and leathercraft expert who perfectly expressed the refined technique of capitonné by handcrafting the new La Scala sofa unveiled at the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair before a live audience.

Capitonné is a tapestry technique whose origins date back to 18th century France where the process was applied to stuff sofas, armchairs, headboards and puffs. Today, very few artisans have the know-how to fashion the quilted padding and exposed buttons that produce its distinctive square- and diamond-shaped patterns.


It takes the most skilled hands to work the capitonné, a technique that can only be acquired through the great dexterity and profound knowledge that come with constant practice. Indeed, Natuzzi artisans are the holders of a priceless expertise within the company: a manual wisdom that turns ideas into reality, sewing the hides, shaping the padding, and refining the precious details of Natuzzi’s exclusive product range.

Yesterday’s event demonstrated how the knowledge and skill of Natuzzi craftsmen constitute the brand’s most valuable heritage, a guarantee of Made in Italy authenticity voiced through the creation of truly unique pieces.