Design, function, shape and colour combine in perfect synthesis to deliver harmonious living: Natuzzi’s mission reaches its highest pinnacle in the Re-vive armchair, style-star of the Re-Thinking Re-vive project at the London Design Festival. The iconic seat has been reinterpreted and customised by designers Eley Kishimoto, Patternity and Camille Walala with patterns developed specifically for the event.

Using a variety of materials including paint, colours and spray, each designer worked directly on two white leather Re-vive chairs. The final works of art, including one developed in the studio and another created live during the opening event on 19th September, were previewed at the Natuzzi Italia Tottenham Court Road store during the Design Festival and put on sale at a special price: all proceeds will go to the victims of the earthquake that hit central Italy in August.


The only chair that adapts its shape to body movement to ensure never-before experienced levels of comfort without levers or other mechanisms, the Re-vive armchair been transformed into an inimitable artwork. The artists took inspiration from the concept of harmonious living — the central strand of Natuzzi’s DNA — as well as the brand’s renowned visual codes which reference nature and the traditions of the Apulia region, homeland and muse to the Italian design house.

“We are happy and proud to have taken part in the London Design Festival, celebrating our collaboration with some of the most interesting creative minds in the UK,” says Pasquale Natuzzi Junior, Deputy Communication and Creative Director. “Part of our identity has always been to expand our horizons by reimagining design as a source for inspiration through the cross-pollination of work by significant artists. The Re-thinking Re-vive project represents an example of this philosophy in action.”

And the designers involved have certainly contributed something unique to the project, starting with the Eley Kishimoto duo, who designed a pattern in their distinctive style which pays homage to the brand’s DNA and captures the essence of the Re-vive armchair.  Abi Wade, the contemporary cellist, accompanied their live performance, taking the pattern-creation process and the production of the Re-vive armchair as her stimulus. In fact pattern, chair, cello, cellist and musical composition all reflect the same unique creative concept of harmonious living that lies at the  heart of the Re-vive design.


The Patternity duo’s project was inspired by the roots of the olive tree: the designers have reinterpreted its intertwined roots to evoke a dense pattern of curves, enhanced by the use of grey and black. This pattern has been specifically designed for the Re-vive armchair, making for an unusual visual effect when it was applied to its surface during the live inaugural event.


Taking her cue from from the sun and olive tree symbols so vital to her Mediterranean roots, Camile Walala created a pattern using vinyl stickers to deliver a bold and energetic design. During her live performance, Camile invited guests to take part in the act of creation, encouraging them to assist her in the artistic process by pasting stencils onto the chair.