The famous saying ‘out with the old and in the new’ is a perfect thought for the spring, whether it’s cleaning or de-cluttering, it’s certainly a great time to start re-organising your current living spaces. You can transform any room with clever design and storage options, so to help you make the first steps here are some useful suggestions.

Room Function
Consider how you use rooms within your home and how your storage is currently organised. Is everything is the right place but not easily accessible? Do you simply want to de-clutter or completely re-organise the storage in your room? Often with busy modern lifestyles a room may have a number of uses, take for example a living room; a place to relax, entertain guests and child’s play! Alternatively do you have open plan living spaces where you need to divide the space to create defined living or working zones? Carefully thinking about the space and its function will help you decide on your storage needs, style and how to maximise every cm!

Storage & Style
The next consideration is to look at what you need to organise in your space; do you have passion for books, displaying decorative vases or need a zone for the latest AV technology? Shopping for storage may seem overwhelming with so many choices, although a simple rule is that clever storage should give you the freedom and versatility to re-organise as your needs develop. In addition, consider choosing items that blend your individual design style. Are you looking to create a statement wall or perfect the art of concealment? Furthermore what materials work for you? Glass shelving is perfect to add a touch of elegance or for an ultra-modern feel consider a mix of high gloss and natural materials. A popular choice is the ability to mix and match open and closed elements to maximise wall and floor space, whilst allowing you to create a perfect balance within your room. Finally easy access is key to the success of your new design. Consider organising items in relation to how often you use them and remember shelving is very versatile as it’s tiered at different levels!

Maximising every space

Maximising every centimetre is the key to clever storage. A good tip is to look at your room as a blank canvas, by looking at the walls, alcoves, floor space and whether re-organising or removing your current furniture will create new storage opportunities. It can seem daunting to imagine a new storage transformation and whether everything you buy will fit, take the worry away and speak to design professionals. Contact us today for a complimentary ‘Your Design by Natuzzi’ consultation. Browse our Novecento and Proxima storage collection at for further inspiration and ideas.