Aiming for the heart of the Millennials, playing on the “Never Say Never” leitmotiv to guide them to a conscious and trendy purchasing action. This was Natuzzi’s challenge at IMM Cologne, first annual meeting of the international design world, which offered the perfect stage for a special relaunch: the Natuzzi Editions collection.

A new revolutionary change of pace, through a strategy as effective as simple: never say no to the customer. How? Offering fine designed products with contemporary chromatic coatings, always reaching the total comfort and quality.

The materials are meeting the never say no to the client promise too. All the models presented are available in leather, spearhead of Editions creations and expression of Natuzzi artisans mastery, and fabrics as the “New Trendy Fabrics”, in rich and vibrant tones, such as green, blue, yellow, red. All of those colors to emphasize the richness of the upholsteries and the sinuosity.

This vibrant color array brings Natuzzi Editions closer to a younger audience giving all the sofas an extreme contemporary look.

 Catullo 2


Among the top models presented at IMM, the Noè sofa which cleverly combines comfort and function with the beauty of its shapes. The distinctive feature of the model is its versatility given by several units in both leather and fabrics, that can be combined freely, making it ideal for large urban environments.

 Noe' 2


The highest expression of Natuzzi’s technological innovation is represented by Icaro sofa, characterized by peculiar metal feet supporting relevant paddings that give lightness, dynamism and convenience. Comfort, both physical and visual, stays as the distinctive trait of the project thanks to the automatic rising headrest and the innovative motion system that allows a one level extensible seat reaching a 180° angle, for a total support in the moments of maximum relaxation.

Icaro 4


Keeping the focus high on functionality, another collection spearhead is the Isacco model: elegant and discrete, thanks to its extremely clean but cherished lines. Isacco turns into a bed in less than 5 seconds and never renounces to the comfort given by the soft padding and the memory foam mattress that gives moments of intense relaxation. The modern design and the essential and exquisite look, makes Isacco an ideal piece of furniture, for those who are looking for a sober style, without excesses.

Isacco 2


Armchairs, tables, carpets and accessories enrich a collection born to renovate the concept of living with innovative and comfortable projects, a collection born to never say no to any needs in terms of space, comfort and style.