Making accessible – “open” – art, taking it to Natuzzi flagship around the globe with site-specific installations. Taking art directly into homes around the world thanks to limited editions entering our collection. This is the spirit of Natuzzi Open Art, a project that binds our group with contemporary art and a concrete commitment to support innovation and experimentation that fire our imagination and make Natuzzi unique.

The story begins in 2007 in our Milan Flagship store, with “Asta Cielare”, a bronze by the great Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. A monumental work of art 17 feet tall (5.2 meters) that is an ode to creativity giving form to the materials, playing with color and light, and research into aesthetic excellence. Fundamental values that coincide with the Natuzzi philosophy of living where every product in the collection is composed of aesthetic excellence fused with function.

The second act of Natuzzi Open Art was presented in 2009, as an ideal continuation of the study into materials of Arnaldo Pomodoro. Giacomo Benevelli gives movement to the linearity of Asta Cielare, introducing a concept close to the heart of Natuzzi brand and central to the Open Art project: that of vital flow. The exhibition “Mater Natura” is composed of several marble and bronze sculptures exploring the theme of matter and nature. The show also made stops in Shanghai and Peking. From this collaboration the sculptures, Kyklos and Filo took form, masterpieces of matter in movement that became part of the Natuzzi accessory collection.

Next to these prestigious pieces by Benevelli in 2010, is the jewel boxes of the Secretly Collection. The stylist Nicola del Verme, created a physical representation of the desire for protection, born to be the ideal synthesis in the meeting of two worlds that are seemingly far apart like furniture and fashion.

Matter in movement and a jewel-box: with respect to the bronzes by Pomodoro, Natuzzi Open Art moved quickly from the material towards the immaterial to it’s arrival in 2012, inviting contemplation on the form of water. The pure transformation of color and reflections, liquid art in the brilliant photography of Gianni Basso.

The time was right to give a face to this constant movement and transformation. It was Fabrizio Plessi in 2013 with his piece dedicated to the triumph of vital energy. Inside the Milano Natuzzi Store Plessi creates lava with a majestic installation of stone and luminous LED demonstrating the dynamism and transformation that has always animated Pasquale Natuzzi and his company.

An endless transformation: still changing, taking Open Art for the first in America, entrusting to Adrien Missika the task of portraying two elements that are key in our DNA: our roots, Puglia, and our objective, create Harmony.