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America is synonymous with a dream for Natuzzi. That of the vision of Pasquale Natuzzi, leaving Puglia in the 1980s with an excellent product authentically Made in Italy, making accessible an object that had, up until then, been limited to the living rooms of a few: an Italian made leather sofa. It was in that moment that a symbol of refined craftsmanship and design stopped being left waiting on special occasions to become an elegant and integral part of everyday life for all families.

That same dream brings us to America again: with the dynamism and continual transformation that has always defined our company. In the prestigious occasion of Miami Art Basel, Open Art for the first time since its beginning in 2007, comes to America with the objective of making the great art of contemporary masters open and accessible.

The Natuzzi Open Art project – coordinated by Myriam Ben Salah, curator of cultural activity for Palais de Tokyo and collaborator with Maurizio Cattelan – provides the participation of contemporary artists from various backgrounds to create site-specific works that come to life in Natuzzi’s most prestigious flagship stores around the world.

In occasion of the Natuzzi store opening in Miami, the work of art [ham-uh k] an installation by Adrien Missika will be presented. It represents the fruit of his total immersion in our product development Style Center at the Natuzzi HQ in Puglia that constitutes the creative heart of our company.

[ham-uh k]: is the installation for Natuzzi Open Art giving continuation with Missika’s Siesta Club project, where he installed hammocks in various parts of the world, inviting visitors to stop and relax.

“A hammock is a functional object created by human beings for relaxation”, states Missika committed to interpreting the Harmony Maker concept in the Natuzzi DNA. “I like the idea of giving this object a rest, making it a sculpture or a painting, abstracting it from its function, but without compromising its visual impact”.