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Natuzzi Italia presents its gift ideas for Christmas: lots of furnishing solutions for a different and exclusive kind of gift – made in Italy, of course.

Natuzzi Italia takes the utmost care in finding the best design solutions for total comfort and harmony. A total living concept aimed at creating well-being spaces, from living room to bedroom to dining area. A harmony that is also expressed in our accessories specially for Christmas: materials, shapes and colours that give a touch of class, but also modernity and innovation, delighting all who receive them as gifts.

From the Ring line of vases: Chain Ring and Double Ring, two items in blown glass, embellished with metal rings that create an irregular and eye-catching shape, almost as if they were still to be finally formed. In up to date navy blue and violet for next season, Ring vases will bring striking design and colour to the environments where they are displayed. Completing the line of vases are Pumpkin, in rounded shapes with a sunflower yellow colour, and the Float vases line, fashioned in blown glass and coloured in paste. The Float collection is a combination of craft and uniqueness, as embodied by the unrefined cut. Each piece is blown without a mould by master glass-makers and is therefore unique in terms of colour nuances and dimensions.

For an unusual gift idea these lamps are ideal: Elle, a true design object, perfect for desks and writing tables and Gong Mini, a pendant lamp with a light diffuser in blown glass and painted or metallic interior coating. Its warm, embracing glow will give a beautifully refined atmosphere – a perfect match for the sinuous forms of Natuzzi sofas.

For those who can’t resist a truly precious gift, we give you the Mapa centrepiece, a unique product of outstanding beauty and originality, the result of the creative verve of Regina Medeiros, a Brazilian glass artist whose over the years has specialised in glass fusion and various painting techniques. She has created unique effects by using local oxides and gold components. Mapa may be used as a container or simply as a decorative centrepiece.

Labirinto is the perfect gift for lovers of colour and design. Conceived by architect and designer Claudio Bellini, Labirinto tables embody beauty and functionality: hidden swivel castors allow easy movement, while the open side compartments can also be used as little bookshelves. The product is made of thin glass, processed with a special technique that helps to create varying colour combinations between the different shades.

The Affresco rug, of extraordinary hand-woven manufacture, will impart both warmth and modernity to the houses it graces. The woollen fleece is salt-washed to neutralise its original state, then dyed to produce unique and original colour compositions. The pattern brings to mind the Nineteenth century tradition, while the washing gives it a highly contemporary look. Its special Natuzzi blue colour places its right on trend for next season.

Rounding off the furnishing line for Natuzzi Christmas is the Bramante mirror. With its minimal design and uneven-edge profile, it enhances any setting, especially a contemporary one. It may be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on space and decorating requirements.

And finally, for those who can’t resist the must-have creations of Natuzzi Italia, the Re-vive line of chairs offers models in Christmas Red and in a Quilted version; a truly distinctive armchair, not just for its colour, but for in its core features giving you relaxation in total harmony.