The union of the Natuzzi brand’s lifestyle philosophy and the world of high art delivers a new project by architect and designer Fabio Novembre in the sumptuous setting of the 21st Triennale International Exhibition in Milan.

Rooms: Novel Living Concepts, the exhibition hosted in Milan until September 12th 2016 and supported by Salone del Mobile features Fabio Novembre’s new project Intro: an egg-shaped alcove like an abstract uterus that literally swallows the visitor to then return them back to the world, reborn and self-aware.

Natuzzi jumped at the offer to take part in this visionary and dream-like installation, in which the smooth contours, use of leather, and sinuous forms – so characteristic of Natuzzi’s philosophy – blend seamlessly with Novembre’s unique artistic vision: a highly original installation that manages to overturn the conventional notion of the bedroom by integrating it with that most perfect and familial of shapes: the egg. A source of life and transformation, the outer layer made of mirrored metal conceals a warm leather room, intensely red in colour.

Intro Interno

To celebrate Natuzzi and Novembre’s collaboration and mark the official launch of Intro, both the designer himself and Pasquale Natuzzi Jr., the firm’s Creative Director and Brand Ambassador, will guide Italian and international journalists and bloggers on a tour of discovery at the firm’s flagship store in via Durini, Milan.

“Fabio’s project captured my attention immediately,” reveals Pasquale. “His strong, decisive style had an intense impact on me. Intro is a virtuosity which has allowed us to impart to our visitors the know-how and craftsmanship that has always distinguished this company.”

In fact, Natuzzi created the entire installation exclusively utilising materials incorporated in their sofa production process, such as wood, to make the base of the installation, and leather, the central player in this performance. Intro is a complex puzzle of different materials, each one lovingly refined and then assembled by hand: thermoformed acrylic panels cover a wooden nesting, giving life to a sloping spherical structure composed of twelve distinct elements. Realising the complex interior called upon all the combined experience and expertise of the brand and its dedicated craftsmen, who working together covered the inner walls in anthropomorphic leather shapes to create an intimate and sensual alcove.

‘Figlio di N.N.’, or, ‘the child of N.N.’, was a derogatory expression used to describe children whose fathers were unknown,” Fabio points out.  “So, I like to think of the letters N.N. as representing Natuzzi-Novembre, to give double paternity to every project that needs a history and a home. Both of us share a common native territory, Apulia, and an interest in telling stories. This is the common ground that allows projects like Intro to be born … the children of N.N.