Intro: step into a room that invites you to relax and to find yourself; a place to be captivated by the harmony of space and colour.


Intro took centre stage from 1st to 7th December in the Natuzzi’s new Flagship Store layout at the recently concluded Miami Design Week, and at the equally prestigious international exhibition of modern and contemporary art, Art Basel.


The installation was conceived in collaboration with Natuzzi by the designer Fabio Novembre for the 21st edition of the Milan Triennial Exhibition, where the public reaction was so rapturous that the artwork was promptly whisked overseas to be presented before an American audience.


Intro: a womb-like niche; an egg-shaped alcove both intimate and sensual, representing the head of the designer welcoming the visitors inside. The mirrored metal surface of the exterior hides within it a warm leather environment of deep red tones. Once inside, an enigmatic face reveals itself in negative, and then, thanks to a clever trick of the light, appears to turn itself towards the room. Getting inside the visitor is introduced by the unmistakable voice of actor Willem Defoe reading passages from Fabio Novembre’s The Design Explained to My Mother and Federico Fellini’s movie 8 ½


Located at the entrance of the flagship store, Intro beckons the visitors in, who upon entering find themselves in the midst of a timeless dialogue between the artwork and an army of Re-Vive chairs distributed in three rows. The iconic Natuzzi recliners, created especially for the occasion in an unprecedented palette of colours fading from red to black, recall the interior of the artwork in a play of chromatic harmonies.




Intro shares the very same raw materials as Natuzzi’s sofas, from the wood used to create the structure to the leather lining its insides. The result is a complex interlocking of hand-assembled materials: methacrylate thermoformed panels coat the insides of the honeycomb structure, creating a bent-axis sphere divided into twelve distinct elements. To fabricate the leather coating of the interior, the team of talented Natuzzi craftsmen had to put every facet of their world-renown expertise into play.

The artwork was officially unveiled to the American public on 2nd December at an exclusive evening event in the flagship store on North Miami Avenue, once again confirming the brand’s status as Harmony Maker in the convergence of artistic research that went into the creation of Intro with the technological achievements of the Re-Vive armchairs.



For us, Intro is a project that demonstrates Natuzzi’s desire to innovate and experiment,” adds Pasquale Natuzzi Junior, Deputy Communication and Creative Director. “With what we have achieved in Miami, we want to promote the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ once again and the one-hundred per cent Italian creativity that Novembre and Natuzzi represent across the Atlantic.