“At the age of 70, those who don’t read will have led only one life: their own! Those who read will have lived five thousand lives: they were there when Cain killed Abel, when Renzo married Lucia and when Leopardi admired the infinite… because literature is backwards immortality”. Remember these words from Umberto Eco to understand that reading is a decidedly necessary activity, indispensable for our personal growth, relaxation, and creating a heathy distance from our daily routines and stress. There is no ideal season for reading, but it cannot be denied that holiday seasons offer us greater freedom for our reading activity. Here are five tips for creating your ideal reading area to be enjoyed whenever the opportunity arrises.

1. Choice of room

There may not be a best room for reading, but a half century of leadership designing total living furniture solutions has given us the experience we need to advise you in configuring your ideal living room or bedroom. We are convinced – and the orientation of our products proves it – that they are these are the spaces of choice for intimate relaxing activities, a welcome shelter from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

2. Where to sit

The identikit for the perfect seating for reading is easily defined: it’s fundamental that the seating is deep and embracing, with ample armrests. Better still if it’s a technologically advanced chair that accompanies the back and legs in a relaxing reclining reading position. You can choose a recliner with an extending footrest or a pouf or chaise longue.

3. Lighting


A window behind the reading area i precious during daylight hours, but don’t taking the risk of abrupt interruption from your book as dusk falls. To create ideal illumination choose an adjustable floor lamp with warm light.

4. A table


A table is a precious ally in your free time with a book. The surface of your table should not be too high or too low to facilitate easy access. It should be wide enough to rest your book and perhaps a drink and a snack and anything else you might need for a few hours of uninterrupted reading.

5. A book shelf


Dulcis in fundo: create your personal library. From here your reading begins, you will choose your companion of relaxation, your book. Here your book will rest when you finish turning that last page, contributing to create a lasting memory of your literature, and in some way your own personal story. For this reason we recommend an elegant book shelf, modular and functional.