In 2012 Natuzzi Open Art made a slow but steady movement from the material to the immaterial, dedicated in this year to water, the symbol of renewal and fertility in it’s constant flowing, thanks to the collaboration with the world famous photographer Gianni Basso. Basso has been dedicated since the beginning to capturing interiors, design and life style.


Parallel to the working commitment that brings him to collaborate with world-leading magazines and publishers of the caliber of Taschen Basso cultivates his passion for photo-art that allows him to exhibit his works in galleries worldwide.
In the context of this effort, water is a constant obsession that is central to the poetry of the artist.

Evento Natuzzi

For the Natuzzi Open Art project, Gianni Basso displayed the photographs that have accompanied him in over 30 years of work, in his travels around the world and his obsessive attention for water and the play of color and light that they create. In the photos by the artist, water loses color, transparency and form to become an abstract work made of graphic lines, shapes of color and rippled shapes.

In a game of stop-and-go, Basso represents the same organic fluidity to Natuzzi Open Art from Benevelli, anticipating the concepts of dynamism and fluidity that would triumph in the installation by Fabrizio Plessi in 2013.