Giacomo Benevelli, the Italian abstract sculptor who passed away in 2011, was the protagonist in 2009 of the second appointment for Natuzzi with the world of art.


“Mater Natura” was the name of the installation in the Milan Natuzzi Showroom, consisting of 20 sculptures in marble and bronze bound by two themes dear to the poetry that defines the work of Benevelli: matter and nature.


The great sculptor, among the greatest exponents of the abstract art movement in Italy, and Europe, specifically produced for the occasion two new works be reproduced for sale, donating the proceeds to the patronage of young artists


The two works are Filo, a splendid sculpture of over 13 feet and Kylos, a semi-spherical work. The creation procedure for the first was Ming, copper and chrome with allusions to fertility for the second. Thanks to Benevelli Natuzzi Open Art planted a seed: the idea that to make art even more open, visitors could take home small objects of art. The Open Art Collection was born.