Action, Transformation, energy, the continuous flow that has always compelled Pasquale Natuzzi and his company become the ideal themes for the appointment of Natuzzi Open Art 2013, thanks to a prestigious collaboration with the Italian Artist Fabrizio Plessi. He created the imposing installation Monumenta in Agrigento and was scenographer for Luciano Pavarotti in New York.


“The shape of energy” was the title of the installation that, simultaneously with the Salone del Mobile, embellished the Natuzzi Flagship store in Milan. It was a powerful contribution and absolute innovation, created thanks to the combination of monitors, digital stones, sounds and drawings by the artist winding through the spacious store, combining in a continuous flow of life.


An homage to energy, creativity and vitality inspired by the primordial force of lava, the main theme of the work, for a powerful visual impact capable of emerging the visitors in a strong multi-sensory experience.

Natuzzi_the shape of energy_1

In 2013, The installation of Plessi was replicated in the Rome Natuzzi flagship store.