The inspiration of artistic beauty, the tension and the research of perfection in the field of design, the desire to make accessible contemporary art through concrete acts of patronage brought Pasquale Natuzzi to create the first Open Art in 2007. The Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro gives it life.


With Pomodoro one of Italy’s greatest art masters enters Natuzzi Stores. Famous for his works that adorn Italian cites (Rimini, Pesaro, Torino, Roma, Milano) and great metropolis in the world (Los Angeles, Dublin, Copenhagen). Particularly note the “Spheres”, works that the master gives form to his material of choice, bronze, evidencing the contrast between outer smoothness and the inner complexity.

sfera pesaro

For the first Natuzzi Open Art, Pomodoro installed in the Milano flagship store a series of copperplates accompanied by “Asta cielare” an imposing structure in bronze 17 feet high (5.2 meters) in the center of the store.


Presenting the installation, along with Pasquale Natuzzi, was the artist Arnaldo Pomodoro himself and Gillo Dorfles, one of Italy’s most import art critics.