The latest issue of “Yachting in Costa Smeralda” featured an interesting article dedicated to Antonisa, the jewel of a sloop guided by the hand of Pasquale Natuzzi in it’s creation and navigation.

It’s 38 meters in length and equipped with a single mast in carbon fiber 52 meters tall (the world’s tallest made through 1990s), capable of combining ancient sailing concepts, ultramodern materials and technology.

It’s something more that a passion: a piece of the private life of the CEO of our group that explains the vision, the philosophy of life and of the products of Pasquale Natuzzi.

A one of a kind vessel capable of ploughing regally through the seas, while at the same time, navigating through the same values and vision that in the world of design and home furnishings has characterized the Natuzzi DNA.

1. Roots

“My passion for the sea and sailing is tied to the place where I grew up: Taranto”. Pasquale Natuzzi told Yachting in Costa Smeralda. The origins in the Natuzzi philosophy are a continual source of inspiration. In our land of origin, Puglia, embraced by the sea that laps the coast of Southern Italy, our ideas and passions are born. It’s a spectacle of nature, of sea, stone, white-washed houses, a welcoming human approach, craftsmanship and good living that guide our research into beauty, igniting our interests and guiding our actions. As much in our free time as the time dedicated to our hobbies as in the hard work researching to bring the same beauty and harmony to the homes of our customers.

2. Team and Values

A while ago Pasquale Natuzzi said: “On my Blackberry I have inserted a phrase that closes all my emails: TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More”. Today, speaking of his Antonisa, Pasquale Natuzzi repeats the concept, affirming: “ I love sailing because it is a team sport and the management is nothing without sharing values and scope. Alone we cannot go anywhere”. When Antonisa is at sail, it’s the Natuzzi philosophy that, time and time again, crosses the seas. It’s not by chance that to celebrate the launching of made in Italy in the USA, the Natuzzi Group, for their High Point offices they created a building in the shape of a boat that represents the ideal of crossing the Atlantic departing from Italy. The bow points towards the future, the walls are glass to recall authenticity and transparency from where we come. In this sense Antonisa really embodies the values and team management of the group. As the CEO explains ”the sea is unpredictable and to navigate it you must observe, learn and interpret. It’s a context to be studied, and if you learn to do it, you can do it with anything. To navigate well you must respect the sea just in the same way that to be a good entrepreneur you must respect markets, customers and create a relationship of trust with your employees”.

3. Innovation and Tradition

Of the parallelism common to the splendid Antonisa and the Natuzzi philosophy it is impossible not to cite the constant and harmonic equilibrium between innovation and tradition. Antonisa is unmistakable, even from hundreds of meters away, because of the vast difference in proportion between hull and mast. An imposing vessel 32 meters long would usually require the push of additional masts. But bearing this in mind in designing Antonisa it was decided to not renounce a solid classic sailing mounting of a single mast. The solution required the adoption of a series of exclusive engineering solutions, developed over years of study by Bruce King, a true master of marine engineering. A standard process for anyone who knows the Natuzzi Style Center: the elegance of tradition as a point of reference, reaching for the best designers on the market, the research of high performing solutions and technology for a unique and exclusive final result.

4. Materials


Having attained the balance between tradition and innovation as much for Antonisa as for every product in the Natuzzi world, it’s then the moment for engineering. It’s a moment in which a vision becomes a reality finding substance in materials and technology of excellence. The mast in made of carbon fiber, the boom is dynamic capable of maintaining an immense mainsail. The electric systems that assist operations and make Antonisa unique, comfortable and avant-garde. A solution that is functional and futuristic integrated to perfection with the lines and materials that make Antonisa the ultramodern version of a classic Italian marine tradition. A tradition that is well represented by the prestigious wood that cover the craft, from cedar to cherry and mahogany. The same tension between timeless taste and technology that is to be found every day in our home furnishings.

5. Harmony

An interior with soft and fluid lines, light colours contrasting the dark wood of the boat, geometric perfection in the ratio of hull to mast, aerodynamic balance between mainsail, genoa and spinnaker: ultra-technological sails rigorously made in 3DL. Antonisa is mathematical calculation transformed in beauty, through powerful contributions of the geometry of design, alchemy of materials, the style of the outfitter. A stable balance between aesthetics and technology, refinement and functionality, between classic taste and the future. A triumph of harmony. The values of excellence that guide us every day in our business, in our mission as craftsmen and as harmony makers.